Amolika, when translated to Sanskrit, means original and that is what we impart to all our products. We have a vivacious and vibrant assemblage of attires and accessories. We chiefly aspire to achieve a balance of modernism, comfort & affordability. Our designs are meant for every woman who wants to look & feel beautiful irrespective of their age, dimensions or income. We strive to reach in every woman’s closet, because of us fashion is simply what a woman feels confident in and what enhances her persona in the best way possible. We believe fashion is fluid and it cannot be restricted by the boundaries of place, style, pattern, etc. Pertaining to this end goal we try to present a collection chosen not because it conforms to any stereotype but because it allows a woman to express herself most freely and beautifully.

We also understand the importance of integrating production with customer satisfaction. We have tried to develop a model of design which includes user feedback to provide clothes which are easily customisable and truly reflect our esteemed patrons’ chosen style. Our designing and production process also try to achieve the perfect balance between sensibility and sensuousness. We choose our designs, ensuring they are unique and affordable. We try to bridge the gap between expensive international couture and domestic tastes making the collection available in 6 different size sets.

We are proud to present our range of designs which has been carefully chosen to represent our meaning at Amolika i.e. Originality