Brand Information 
The majestic Himalayas sitting towering in the north, the seemingly never-ending expanse of deep blue ocean splashing against the shores in the south, lush green forests teeming with tropical wildlife, and warm, sandy, golden beaches dotting the vast countryside – welcome to India. Eager to keep her country as pristine, untouched, and gorgeous as it is, a young woman entrepreneur began to pave the way for sustainability in today’s mainstream fast fashion. And so, Amolika was born. With its artisanal, handmade, unique designs, its effortless blend of traditional and contemporary styles, and its focus on being eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, natural, and sustainable, Amolika by Anika brings you handbags that make you feel good and make the planet feel good too!

Brand Details
Our brand Amolika by Anika, Sanskrit for unique, is all about being different and about letting our customers stand out from the crowd. Inspired by nature and derived from our brand ethos of being sustainable, organic, and environmentally friendly, each bag has facets of nature hand-embroidered intricately by highly skilled artisans and is made exclusively from plant-based jute. We strive to use only plant-based materials that are not harmful to the planet and are animal-friendly too, and believe in bringing employment to both men and women traditional artisans who have a niche talent for bringing beauty to our products with the most elaborate designs.

Apart from our bags being eco-conscious, they’re also uber stylish, chic, fashion forward and make you feel like you’re not only doing your bit for the environment, but like you’re taking a trip to the beautiful land of Maharajas, mountains, scenic landscapes, and abundant cultural heritage of India and basking in the lap of luxury. From cute ladybugs to delicate leaf motifs, from bright and beautiful butterflies to succulent fruits, the elegant yet cool patterns on our bags will make you look and feel trendy from the inside out without making you feel even a little guilty. Whether you’re looking for an ethnic floral tote bag, a fun and funky sling bag or a quirky contemporary yet playful clutch, there’s something for every woman who wants to make a statement while also making a difference to the world.